ESK40: What can it do for your job?

11 April 2018

The Stormwater360 ESK Coalescing Oil Water Separator!

After significant market and industry consultation, Stormwater360 in conjunction with our international partners has developed the ideal and simple solution for your next service station project.

ESK is a solution that ticks all the boxes and satisfies operator requirements in a single pre-cast concrete tank.

Product Showcase: ESK 40-3250-8kl

ESK render3

 Treatable flow rate 40L/S
 Spill storage 8000 litres
 Compliant to European and British EN 858 class 1 standard
 Effluent concentration limit of 5mg/L or less
 Optional oil alarm

Other treatable flow rates and spill storage capacities available.

Automatic Shut-Off Valve
The device will automatically shut-off once a particular oil volume is reached, as a result of the specific gravity of oils and hydrocarbons.
Over time, accumulated oils will drive the float downwards until the valve is closed, trapping the lighter liquids.
Coalescing Technology
High-performance coalescence separators utilise gravitational forces for the separation of oil and water.
Smaller droplets of oil, without sufficient buoyancy, collect together to form larger drops when passing through the coalescing material to form larger buoyant drops.
Full Capture and Treatment 
There is no internal by-pass, as the ESK is a full retention device for the collection of hydrocarbons (Petroleum derivatives, etc.). 
Integrated Flame Trap
The internal drop inlet pipe is specifically designed to prevent fire and inflammable vapours from entering the unit. It also allows to reduce turbulence during operation.
Passive Hydraulic Operation
The ESK device is automated and operates under gravity flow, ultimately ensuring that treatment continues to occur in the event of power failure.
Note: Operational alarm requires power
Simple and Safe Maintenance 
Maintenance operations can be completed from the surface, typically without confined space entry requirements.
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