Introducing the Jellyfish® Filter

16 March 2017

Exclusive to Stormwater360, the Jellyfish® Filter is an engineered stormwater treatment technology featuring high surface area and high flow rate membrane filtration at low driving head.  

Why is it called Jellyfish?  The filter has a number of ‘tentacles’ that catch and remove floatables, litter, oil, debris, TSS, silt-sized particles, as small as two microns, and a high percentage of particulate-bound pollutants; including phosphorus, nitrogen, metals and hydrocarbons.

This revolutionary device is the latest in filtration technology and uses gravity, flow rotation, and up-flow membrane filtration to provide a high-performance stormwater treatment in an underground compact and lightweight stand-alone system.   

Independently tested and certified, the Jellyfish® Filter offers proven and effective solids and attached pollutants removal and is suited to sites without detention requirements. 

The Jellyfish® Filter is a long-lasting and effective stormwater treatment that has a much smaller footprint than other best-management practices (BMPs), greater design flexibility, low maintenance cost and no replaceable media.  

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