Stormwater360 teams up with Ian Keirnan on Clean Up Australia Day 2017

16 March 2017

The Stormwater360 team were once again at the coal face of polluted waterways but this time in a different role.  Fifteen of the Stormwater360 team headed to Manly Lagoon as part of Clean Up Australia Day 2017. 

Teaming with Ian Kiernan, Stormwater360 has become a proud Business Supporter of Clean Up Australia and had the pleasure of being part of the clean-up team on the day. Out in our gum boots and on boats hired by Stormwater360, the team cleaned up a substantial amount of rubbish. You would be amazed at what we found during the clean-up – plastic bottles, wrappers, gross pollutants and even some pushbikes had been dumped in the lagoon. 

Jeremy Brown who was out with the team commented, “Human behaviour is something we have to change.  Basically, anything you throw on the ground will end up in our waterways.”

Around Australia, an amazing 31 million hours of volunteer time was spent on Clean Up Australia Day resulting in the collection of 331,000 ute loads of rubbish, if laid out in a line would reach from Sydney to Brisbane. Thank you to Ian Kiernan and the team of Clean Up Australia.

 Please watch our short video from Clean Up Australia Day 2017.