The LittaTrap™ is a simple and effective solution to stop plastic and rubbish reaching our waterways. 

Simply sitting inside the storm drain, the LittaTrap catches plastic and rubbish before it can reach our streams, rivers and oceans.

A proven catchpit filter designed to be easily retrofitted into new and existing stormwater drains to specifically stop plastic from reaching the stormwater system and flowing into our waterways.

How does it work?

When stormwater enters a storm grate or catchpit/gullypit with a LittaTrap installed, the water passes through the LittaTrap™ screening bag and litter, debris and plastic larger than the screening bag aperture are captured and retained.

When the bag is filled, it can be simply lifted out and tipped into either recycling or landfill.

The LittaTrap is very cost-effective and easy to install and maintain.

Let's protect our marine environment.

Talk to us about installing a LittaTrap, and let's stop rubbish from reaching our waterways

Please contact: or 1300 354 722.

LittaTrap™ Key Benefits

  • Simple to use
  • Hand maintainable - simply lift out, tip, then replace
  • Dry capture of pollutants
  • Two standard sizes to fit most pre-cast regular and kerb entry catchpits
  • Fits kerb inlet and flat-grate catchpits
  • Minimum install cost
  • A range of filter sizes to target plastic and other pollutants
  • Great to use in high litter areas
  • No confined space entry requirements