The EnviroPod® is an effective, easily maintained catch pit insert that captures and retains litter, debris and other pollutants as runoff enters the storm drain system. 

This catch-basin insert can be installed in either a curb inlet or drop-in catch basin. With several mesh screen sizes and effective oil-absorbent media available, it can be customised to meet site-specific requirements.

The EnviroPod® is effective as a pre-treatment device in a treatment train and is often the most practical solution for retrofits.



  • No construction, resulting in low costs i.e. lowest capital cost of any stormwater treatment device
  • A range of filter sizes to target gross pollutants to fine sediment
  • Can be used to easily target heavily polluted areas
  • Ideal pre-treatment device for filters, ponds and wetlands or overflow of swales and rain gardens
  • No confined space entry
  • 90 percent removal of particles over 100 micron



The kerb entry EnviroPod is inserted through the pit access cover and is supported by aluminium arms fixed to the kerb channel/pit wall.

The Drop-In EnviroPod is designed to simply insert into the gully pit below the grate, again supported by aluminium arms fixed to the kerb channel/wall pit. Plastic deflector panels seal against the pit walls and direct flow into the filter box and through the mesh screens. There are two standard sizes to fit most pre-cast regular and kerb entry gully pits. Custom designs can be fabricated for non-standard pits.