6-8 Ferry St, Nerang QLD 4211


6-8 Ferry St, Nerang QLD 4211


DEQ Consulting Engineers


Savco Earthmoving


This site consists of two separate Precast StormFilter Manhole systems treating an approximate site area of 2,030 sqm. The development also utilises three upstream EnviroPod pit baskets as pre-treatment. The treatment devices satisfy Gold Coast City Council Water Quality Objectives of 80% TSS Reduction, 60% TP Reduction, 45% TN Reduction and 90% Gross Pollutant Reduction. Although the precast manhole units are relatively shallow, maintenance personnel will still be able to clean out the accumulated sediment build up and ensure optimal performance is reached throughout the design life of the treatment systems.


The StormFilter system has been designed to achieve an annual maintenance cycle with the EnviroPods expected to be maintained once every 3-6 months.