7-Eleven Service Station, Gumdale


689 Cleveland Road, Gumdale QLD 4154


TFA Project Group


Spence Plumbing Services


This project was designed by TFA Project Group and falls within the Brisbane City Council region where Water Quality Objectives are 80% TSS Reduction, 60% TP Reduction, 45% TN Reduction and 90% Gross Pollutant Reduction. The approximate site area of the commercial development is 2,500 sqm which is being treated by a precast StormFilter manhole system. Part of the roof is pre-treated by a Rainwater tank with the remaining Hardstand and Ground areas flowing into Enviropods which capture key pollutants such as Suspended Solids.


The downstream StormFilter system has been designed to achieve an annual maintenance cycle with the EnviroPods expected to be maintained once every 3-6 months. A suitable maintenance program is highly