970 Waterworks Rd, The Gap


970 Waterworks Rd, The Gap


Mark Traucnieks Consulting Engineers


Reid Plumbing


This particular site involved converting the existing shopping centre carpark into additional shops and underground parking. Mark Traucnieks Consulting Engineers were the design engineers for this project and in the process of completing a comprehensive site-based stormwater management plan reached the conclusion that the incorporation of the StormFilter EnviroPod Treatment train represented the best solution.
Specifically, a total of 19 690mm StormFilter cartridges with PhosphoSorb media were used. These filters were pre-treated by EnviroPod pit inserts in the upstream drainage system. The StormFilter cartridge system was housed in a pre-cast concrete tank supplied by Stormwater360.


The typical maintenance frequency for an upstream EnviroPod pit basket is every 4 months, which includes the removal and disposal of suspended solids trapped in the filter bag. This effective pre-treatment device contributes to the longevity of the downstream filtration systems. The StormFilter cartridges located on this site are recommended to be serviced every 12 months based on typical pollutant load concentrations generated on site. Essentially, our qualified Confined Space maintenance team will bring replacement filter cartridges to site, simply remove sediment accumulation from the treatment chamber using an inductor truck and replace filters in a cost-effective and time operative manner.