ALDI Arana Hills


Patricks Rd, Arana Hills QLD 4054


Bornhorst Ward Consulting Engineers




The commercial development being treated by the precast StormFilter manhole system has an approximate site area of 3,600m2. Given that the site is highly impervious, it was important to incorporate pre-treatment measures in order to meet Brisbane City Council Water Quality Objectives of 80% TSS Reduction, 60% TP Reduction, 45% TN Reduction and 90% Gross Pollutant Reduction. By utilising a Rainwater tank and EnviroPods as primary treatment to the overall catchment, the ability to provide long term optimal performance of the StormFilter device is further reinforced along with the contribution of periodic maintenance.


The 22 Cartridge StormFilter system is designed to achieve annual maintenance cycles. EnviroPods to be serviced every 3-6 months. Periodic inspections will take place and cleans after major storm even