Brown and Hurley, Burpengary


Motorway Drive, Burpengary QLD 4505


Westera Partners Pty Ltd


Dimension Plumbing


The approximate site area of the development is 27,000 sqm which is situated in the Moreton Bay region where Water Quality Objectives are 80% TSS, 60% TP and 45% TN. The site is split into two sub catchments where a 30kL Rainwater tank, VortCapture (VC70) Gross Pollutant Trap and Bio retention systems treat the majority of the site. The remaining / smaller sub catchment is treated by two separate StormFilter / EnviroPod (SFEP) treatment trains. Given the site is a truck sales and servicing centre predominantly made up of roof and hardstand areas, it is commended to have implemented a variation of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) measures on this site.


The StormFilter system has been designed to achieve an annual maintenance cycle with the EnviroPods expected to be maintained once every 3-6 months. A suitable maintenance program is highly recommende