Circa III Development – Queens Road, Nudgee QLD 4014


Queens Road, Nudgee QLD 4014


Sheehy & Partners


Shadforths Civil Engineering Contractors Pty Ltd


StormFilter Vault system treats an approximate site area of 25,000 sqm. The residential development includes 88 townhouses with internal roads and common open spaces within the centre of the site for community leisure. Enviropods have been used as the primary form of pre-treatment to capture key pollutants such as Suspended Solids. The treatment devices satisfy Brisbane City Council Water Quality Objectives of 80% TSS Reduction, 60% TP Reduction, 45% TN Reduction and 90% Gross Pollutant Reduction. The treatment train is designed to provide optimal performance throughout the entire lifecycle with the contribution of periodic maintenance.


The 65 Cartridge StormFilter system is designed to achieve an annual maintenance frequency with EnviroPods to be serviced every 3-6 months. Periodic inspections and cleans are also scheduled to take p