Hungry Jacks, Kallangur


1381-1383 Anzac Avenue, Kallangur QLD 4503


Lowenstein Stumpo


Nicoll Industries


Lowenstein Stumpo has been used the StormFilter technology of previous sites in QLD. The technology out performs vegetated assets in sites where high yields of Sediment, metals and hydrocarbons in addition to nutrients are to be expected. The design was further augmented by use of an 83m3 ChamberMAXX (39 chambers) detention system. The ChamberMaxx provides id one of the most cost effective storage/attenuation options on the market whilst able to assimilate vehicular traffic.


Due to the higher load of pollutants from these types of sites the StormFilter system is expected to require maintenance once every 12 months with periodic inspections every 6 months for the 1 or 2 ye