Netherlands Retirement Village


62 Collingwood Rd, Birkdale QLD 4159


Sedgman Yeats Engineers


Paynter Dixon


This project was designed by ThomsonAdsett and Sedgman Yeats Engineers and falls within the Brisbane City Council region where Water Quality Objectives are 80% TSS Reduction, 60% TP Reduction, 45% TN Reduction and 90% Gross Pollutant Reduction.
The SFEP treatment train was selected for this project. The EnviroPod is designed to remove gross pollutants, coarse sediment and associated pollutants at high flows within each gully pit. The StormFilter technology, located downstream of the EnviroPods, is designed to remove both particulate bound and soluble pollutants, including some forms of soluble nutrients.


The StormFilter system is designed to achieve an annual maintenance frequency with EnviroPods to be serviced every 3-6 months.