Penrith Busways


40 Mullins Road Penrith NSW 2750


C & M Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd


Zadro Constructions


Enviropods were specified as the primary stage in the treatment train, primarily since they offer an approved nutrient reduction capacity as compared with GPT’s. These will be installed during the final weeks of construction.
A Vortechs Hydrodynamic Separator was installed as a secondary measure upstream of a 65 Cartridge StormFilter to retain any oils that may be washed off the large hardstand area continually trafficked by buses.
The StormFilter system was the final step in the process offering the bulk of the nutrient and fine sediment reduction.
MUSIC modeling was completed to demonstrate compliance.


The 65 Cartridge StormFilter system is designed to achieve annual maintenance cycles. The Vortechs VX5000 is expected to be maintained once a year and Enviropods every 3-6 months.