St Benedict's Catholic School, Shaw


890 Dalrymple Road, Shaw QLD 4818


LCJ Engineers


Mite Constructions


As part of the new St Benedict’s Catholic School in Shaw LCJ Engineers opted to utilise the Stormwater360 Jellyfish Filter system in conjunction with a number of pre-treatment elements to meet the necessary stormwater quality targets. As part of their responsible building material targets the project was aiming to minimise the use of PVC, as such Stormwater360 had a number of components custom made to remove all PVC from the Jellyfish devices.
The pre-cast concrete Jellyfish units that were delivered to site also had to contend with potential floatation concerns. As a result Stormwater360 worked with Mite Constructions and LCJ Engineers to determine an in-situ ballast solution that would be implemented by Mite Constructions on site once the units were in place.


The Jellyfish systems to be serviced every 12 months.